Kim Kelley

Faculty and operations extraordinaire, Kim is the reason our programs run and work! She partners closely with our faculty members to make sure they have everything they need to create an exceptional classroom environment (both in Boston and online).

Kim’s a true Boston local (and can pull out the accent upon request).  When she’s not working her magic on Emmanuel’s campus, she’s spending her time preparing for the next Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, chasing her Jack Russell terrier, Roxy, around or playing with her adorable baby niece and nephew.

Kimmi D


Kate Schoeck

Kate serves as the point of contact for all students within the GPP Programs.  She sends out important information and updates, registration reminders and serves as a jack of all trades for student services.  Always the planner and schedule keeper, Kate keeps our faculty, staff and students on their toes!  Kate loves working with the GPP students and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Originally from Western NY, Kate has fallen in love with all things New England.  Outside of EC’s gates, you’ll find Kate exploring all that New England has to offer, from weekend trips to hike the White Mountains, to beach trips to enjoy the surf and sand.  These days, you’ll find Kate pushing a stroller around the Jamaica Pond or through the Arnold Arboretum.  Kate is also one of the few people you’ll meet who gets excited for cooler weather and the first snowfall!



Helen Muterperl

Lovely Helen is our Admissions counselor for the Education and Nursing GPP programs. She’s a pro at helping students navigate the application process and can answer any question you may have about our Education and Nursing programs.  Helen loves to keep in touch with our students once in the program, so be sure to drop a line and say hello!

Helen’s a native of Philadelphia but has been a happy New Englander for years.  Helen enjoys long walks, pina colada’s…wait…but yes she loves long walks around her neighborhood in the gorgeous New England weather.  When she’s not on campus serving as the friendly face of GPP, she’s missing her two beautiful daughters, both off pursuing their own college degrees.



Benjamin Jordan-Careau

The newest member of our GPP family, Ben helps our graduate management, HR and research administration students matriculate into the program.  He’s been making the rounds, attending conferences and shaking the hands of prospective students across New England like the pro he is. He’s a thorough and detail-oriented guy, just the right fit to help our new students.

When he’s not out and about, he can be found around Boston receiving compliments for his purple shirts (not pictured here, unfortunately).  Ben is also our resident hero-for-hire, as he stepped up to the plate to help an ailing passenger on the LMA bus just a few short weeks ago. He’s always on the alert for those in need.  Thanks Ben!



Jennifer Filitis

The sunniest of us all, Jen always lends a helping hand to our faculty when it comes to online courses, evaluations and faculty development.  She works closely with our academic technology group, as well, to make sure EC Learn is up to snuff and ready to go for the start of each semester. Our only remote employee, Jen’s been with GPP for quite some time and is a wealth of knowledge.

Jen’s infectious laugh is one of a kind and we miss it here on the Boston campus.  She’s quite busy these days, caring for her adorable daughters and enjoying everything Vermont has to offer.