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For Emmanuel College’s first GPP Faculty Featurette, we spoke with Chris Vericker, Program Chair for Graduate and Professional Programs in Management. Our interview with Chris covered his roots at Emmanuel, as well as the impact he has had on his students and community. 


Chris initially pursued employment at Emmanuel College after seeing an advertisement in a local newspaper in 1996. Chris was drawn to Emmanuel primarily because of the accelerated nature of its graduate programs. He appreciated the idea of accelerated graduate programs, as he believed they could have success with busy professionals. At the time, accelerated and online programs were not yet widely available, but Emmanuel was at the cutting edge of providing programs to adult learners who wanted to work and take classes simultaneously.


In addition to his faculty role at Emmanuel, Chris is also an experience banking professional.  Chris’ banking career began at W.R. Grace & Company, where he worked in accounting role. Chris went on to relocate to Boston when he took a position at the Boston Federal Reserve Bank.  Chris routinely draws from his extensive and successful career in banking to provide real-world examples for his students. In addition to sharing his own professional experiences, Chris continues to learn from the perspectives of his students.


Outside of his banking and faculty roles, Chris uses his talents to give back to his community. Chris is a board member of the Franklin Affordable Housing Trust and works with the Framingham ESL plus program. Chris’ work on the Affordable Housing Trust board assists building projects in adding required affordable components. The Trust was formed to provide developers with a means to contribute affordable housing without being in charge of the program themselves. Through opportunities like this, low income families are able to find desirable, affordable residential locations.


Chris’ time at Framingham’s ESL program allows him to use his financial background to assist immigrants in developing money management and other financial skills. Additionally, he helps run a program which assists participants in their pursuit of a high school education. Chris has been involved with this program for the last nine years and continues to see success stories every day.


When asked how others could get involved in opportunities like these, Chris advises others to look locally. There are many programs in local communities that need volunteers and would benefit from any new faces. Chris also noted that if people are interested in programs that he currently volunteers at, he would gladly assist them in getting involved.


With so many amazing faculty members at Emmanuel College it’s no surprise that they are engaged in such worthwhile community initiatives. Emmanuel’s Graduate and Professional Programs want to highlight these outstanding members of the GPP Family, so if you know anyone who embodies the Emmanuel spirit on and off campus, let us know! We are always looking for new faculty to highlight!