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In today’s competitive marketplace, a premium is placed on good leadership. Great leaders can produce great results. We recently came across a great list of ‘Must Read’ leadership books. The author, Professor Bob Sutton, compiles a list of 12 books that “taught him much about people, teams and organizations while also providing guidance about what it takes to lead well versus badly”.  To give some context, Professor Sutton is an influencer in the LinkedIn world and studies/writes about leadership, organizational change and navigating organizational life while teaching at Stanford University. He has been maintaining a book list on his blog, Work Matters, since 2011 and updates it yearly.

Admittedly, Professor Sutton prefers research based books that tend to have ‘real substance beneath them’. Given that all of the GPP Programs are rooted in business research, we thought this list was the perfect introduction to expanding your knowledge about leadership.

The link to the LinkedIn Article can be found here: Enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts and comments!