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Happy Monday, all! Over the weekend, I found myself at a party answering the same “intro” question;  “What do you do?”. I used to hate that question – like my interest level to the other person would drop as soon as they heard my answer. Lately, though, I find myself excited to answer that question.  I enthusiastically say, “Assistant Director for Graduate & Professional Programs!”……………insert blank stare. Then I follow up with, “Academic Advisor!”…………”Ohhhhhhh, that’s cool”. Yes, it is cool! I get to help students work toward their master degree, a challenging and sometimes daunting task for the working adult. I’m proud of what I do and I’m proud of how I got here, through my own dedication in pursuing my master degree as a working adult.

I tell this story to showcase how important it is to be proud of what you do, of your title!  I can only imagine that our research administration students get those blank stares after the dreaded “what do you do” question as well.  Research Administration?  What’s that? Regardless of how you want to tell your employment story, I’m here to tell you – BE PROUD!  Check out these amazing titles of some recent graduates of the Research Administration program:

Financial Manager, Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center
Director of Research Administration and Faculty Affairs, Department of Medicine, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Chief Financial Officer, Clinical and Translational Research Award, SUNY at Buffalo
Senior Grants Administrator, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Manager of Programs and Research, Emory College of Arts and Sciences’ Center for Science Education

Here’s a great quote of a proud RAC alum!

“Emmanuel’s MSM program gave me the credibility and networking opportunities to ultimately secure a research compliance position at Harvard Medical School, which eventually served as a launching point for my current role.  Looking back, I know I made the right decision – I love the variety my current role offers, and I am challenged both intellectually and professionally every day.”
Keri Godin MSM ’12
Director, Office of Research Integrity, Brown University

Maybe some of the above titles are things to aspire to, or you’ve already acquired a rockin’ title you are happy with! As you move throughout the program, remember to be as proud of your academic journey as we are. We look forward to celebrating your graduation and helping you achieve your new title!